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Marketing (Sixth Edition)  

Paul BainesUniversity of Leicester School of Business, UKClose
Sara RosengrenStockholm School of Economics, SwedenClose
, and
Paolo AntonettiNeoma Business School, FranceClose
Published in Print:30 March 2022 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Marketing answers questions such as: How does Google support organizations in their transformation to digital marketing? How does the International Food Waste Coalition influence more sustainable behaviour? How did a producer of Thai herbal toothpaste amend their marketing mix to maintain sales during COVID-19? The text is made up of four parts. The first part looks at core principles, contexts, and customers, and includes discussion on business to business marketing, consumer buying behaviour, and the marketing environment. The second part is about marketing strategy. It looks at branding and market segmentation as well as international marketing and development. The third part is concerned with marketing tactics such as price and customer value, digital and social media marketing. The final part covers marketing and society which encompasses not-for-profit and social marketing, sustainability and ethics.