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Corporate Governance: Principles, policies, and practices (Fourth edition)  

Bob TrickerFormer Professor of Finance, Hong Kong University and Hong Kong Open UniversityClose
Published in Print:06 June 2019 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Corporate Governance offers a comprehensive overview of the key principles of corporate governance that not only considers the regulations, rules, and voluntary codes, but also emphasizes cultural aspects. It draws a distinction between Western and Eastern perceptions of corporate governance and includes cases from China. Its first part covers the principles of corporate governance and looks at management; theories, philosophies, and concepts of corporate governance; the governance partnership; the regulatory framework; and models of corporate governance. The second part is about policies. It examines the governance of corporate risk, the board and business ethics, the governance of listed companies, the governance of non-listed entities, and corporate governance globally. The last part turns to practices and includes chapters considering board membership, leadership, board activities, board effectiveness, board evaluation, and the future of corporate governance.