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Understanding Financial Accounting: A guide for non-specialists (First Edition)  

Jimmy WinfieldAssociate Professor, University of Cape TownClose
Mark GrahamAssociate Professor, University of Cape TownClose
, and
Taryn MillerSenior Lecturer, University of Cape TownClose
Published in Print:04 March 2021 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Understanding Financial Accounting focuses on how to extract information that will contribute to business decision making. A recurring case study, contextual examples, and real-world financial statements from multinational companies are included, demonstrating the principles in practice. The text consists of fourteen chapters. The first looks at financial accounting in context. The basics are then covered. Next, the text looks at income and expenses, cash flows, assets, and liabilities. There's a chapter on leases, foreign exchange, and deferred tax. Then the chapters move on to look at group financial statements, equity, financial analysis, and business valuations. Finally, there are chapters on creative accounting and trends in corporate reporting.