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Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage (Fourth Edition)  

Douglas West, John Ford, Essam Ibrahim, and Matteo Montecchi
Published in Print:02 June 2022 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Strategic Marketing provides an in-depth analysis of strategic marketing as it exists today. This new edition includes case studies and examples including the rise of Disney+, the use of artificial intelligence in marketing, and small-scale innovators in India. The text examines the latest research and explores socio-political issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the global COVID-19 pandemic, underlining the importance of such to marketers. The text is made up of four parts. The first part asks: where are we now? It provides the tools by which to look at the current situation for the strategic marketeer. The second part then looks at where we want to be. It considers segmentation, targeting, and positioning and also branding strategies. The next part is about how to get to where we want to be. This part includes detailed analysis of product innovation, pricing and distribution strategies, marketing communications, and social and ethical strategies. The last part asks: did we get there? It examines strategy and metrics.