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Global Marketing Management: Changes, New Challenges, and Strategies (Third Edition)  

Kiefer LeePrincipal Lecturer in Marketing, Sheffi eld Hallam UniversityClose
Steve CarterProfessor of Marketing, Edinburgh Business SchoolClose
Published in Print:29 March 2012 Published Online:31 August 2023
Publisher:Oxford University Press


Global Marketing Management is composed of three parts. Part One is about understanding the global marketing environment. It includes discussions on changes and new challenges; the global marketing environment; understanding globalization; understanding global cultures and buyer behaviours; understanding global social and ethical issues; and opportunity analysis. The second part covers the development of global marketing strategies. This includes looking at market entry strategies and competitive advantage. This second part also looks at product and brand management, global services marketing, global communications, global supply chains and distribution, marketing relationships, and global pricing. The last part is about implementing and coordinating global market operations.