Business Trove provides seamless access to over 45 OUP textbooks, many enriched with additional learning materials, for a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered within Business Schools. 

With content covering all the essentials, Business Trove provides OUP’s renowned high-quality content at an affordable price.

Why Business Trove?


  • Coverage across the essentials of business, management, and finance, with over 4 titles spanning Business, Marketing and MBA programmes.
  • Convenient access to all the content students need in one place, encouraging stud5ents to engage with recommended reading to support their learning.
  • Excellent value for money, providing access to extensive content at an affordable cost.
  • Particular emphasis on demonstrating the link between theory and practice, through an extensive range of practitioner insights, often delivered in purpose-filmed video, enriching students’ learning experience and encouraging deeper engagement with course content.

Which titles are available?

Business Trove contain over 45 textbooks. These include:

  • Marketing by Paul Baines, Sara Rosengren, and Paolo Antonetti
  • Organizational Behaviour by Daniel King and Scott Lawley
  • Consumer Behaviour by Isabelle Szmigin and Maria Piacentini
  • Foundation for Economics by Andrew Gillespie






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