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Chapter 9. Motivation and the meaning of work: Is it all about money?

from Organizational Behaviour (4th edn) by Daniel King and Scott Lawley

"Henry Ford and Frederick Taylor thought rewards and punishments were the key ways to motivate people. This approach sees all motivation as external, extrinsic to the individual. Yet Abraham Maslow, Frederick Herzberg, and many others, argue that we can redesign jobs to be more meaningful and interesting and to give room for autonomy and self-expression. At the heart of this debate are fundamental questions about human nature: what makes us tick, and how can we get the best out of people?"

Chapter 10. Branding decisions

from Marketing (6th edn) by Paul Baines, Sara Rosengren, and Paolo Antonetti 

"This chapter covers the process behind branding decisions. It refers to a brand as the added value a product or service is granted in consumers' minds when identified as different from other products. Moreover, brands represent opportunities for both consumers and organizations to buy and sell products and services easily, more efficiently, and relatively quickly."

Chapter 3. International business in context

from International Business (2nd edn) by Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick, and Hinrich Voss

“This chapter provides a wide-ranging overview of the context within which the global factory has evolved. It considers the rapid growth of international business activities in the period since 1945, which resulted in the creation of a contemporary global economy, characterized by extensive cross-border trade, exchange, and competition driven by multinational enterprises (MNEs)."

Chapter 6. Power, politics, culture, and toxicity in organizations

from Exploring Leadership (2nd edn)  by Richard Bolden, Jonathan Gosling, and Beverley Hawkins

“This chapter focuses on the relationship between leadership and power, politics, culture, and toxicity. It argues that much of what happens in organizations is not particularly rational but shaped by the psychological processes and emotions which emerge when groups of people come together."

Chapter 11. Innovation, disruption, and digitalization

from Strategy: Theory, Practice, Implementation (2nd edn) by Dave Mackay, Mikko Arevuo, and Maureen Meadows

“This chapter talks about innovation, which is the successful exploitation of new ideas, and refers to the process and outcomes of how new ideas are realized in practice."

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